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One of the greatest expression of ignorance is to attempt to rewrite history or blatantly twist the records for pecuniary interests or to deepen the propagation of blatant falsehood and lies. And obviously, since your recent association with the government of His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, you've clearly without design at hiding your truest nature and character, wallowed in self delusional tendencies in redesigning the governance of Imo State under Okorocha, especially when considered from the standpoint of your numerous articles on same government and operators. However, while enjoying your existence of " anything goes once you're fed and clothed ", spare the informed public of your penchant for public identification, especially in desperation to prove your nearest and newest loyalty and commitment. This is my my suggestion on your character and activities in relation to your articles and notes generally without ridiculing those you intend to defend and / or promote.

You identified rightly that IKEDI OHAKIM has quit partisan politics for personal reasons ostensibly to engage in gainful activities at mentoring the generation next. And because you're far gone from the truth, you won't understand activities in this regard vis - a - vis the activities in the mentoring activities. Clearly, in the last eight months, IKEDI OHAKIM has continued to dominate the social media platform and the Internet and even the traditional media on account of countless young people who dedicated their timeline and activities to IKEDI OHAKIM. These young persons are the direct beneficiaries of the Youth mentoring initiative of IKEDI OHAKIM. The initiative survives in robust dimensions.

You attempted to inform that the Imo State University has continued to enjoy massive funding in subvention by the Government of Imo State beyond what IKEDI OHAKIM gave. As beautiful and plausible this assertion seems and appears, all professional courses in the University have lost accreditation practically under this massive funding unlike the IKEDI OHAKIM era when these professional courses enjoyed fullest accreditation, including uninterrupted academic activities. And which is better today? This could be better confirmed from the students of the University.

I would not dignify your pettiness in responding to the claims of building twenty seven general hospitals in Imo State by Okorocha having sold off the existing eighteen general Hospitals to his cronies and fronts. You have continued to deceive yourself in the thought that twenty seven uncompleted buildings along highways constitute hospitals. This hurts your existence thoroughly.

The activities of the Council for the Regulations of Engineering in Nigeria ( COREN) and the Nigerian Medical Association ( NMA) in relation to the status and state of Imo State bridges and roads and health facilities under Rochas Okorocha are founded on notorious knowledge of the inferiority of these facilities. Nothing to add in the circumstances since the professional bodies in Nigeria have adorably handled such with dexterity. No doubts, these Profesional intervention have rattled yourself and your current pay masters in government.

Most debasing in your diatribe is your recourse to gutter language in addressing HIS ROYAL MAJESTY EZE CLETUS ILOMUANYA in the manner you did. And this is without recourse to the several judgements of the superior courts in the circumstances. You obviously goofed, exhibiting shallowest hollowness and emptiness. Needless to reiterate the status of Eze ILOMUANYA in Imo State and indeed, Nigeria.

On the records of empowerment recorded by IKEDI OHAKIM, you craved street accolades in questioning the claims. And in a hurry, you forgot to acknowledge the ten thousand jobs for Imo State Youth, IRROMA workers in the state and local governments , ENTRACO workers, Agronova workers et cetra. You deserve thorough reexamination of your psyche and mental state. You desire pity and forgiveness in your cheap existence in feasting on your vomit in the past. How not to be a man truly!

IKEDI OHAKIM in his historic letter tied his claims clearly to identifiable and verifiable projects and development in infrastructure and governance both in road construction, empowerment and other indices which require rebuttal with strong evidence not on street mendacity and paucity of facts.

It is only a deranged person in Imo State and Nigeria who will not acknowledge the exploits of IKEDI OHAKIM in reforming the Imo State public and civil service, including in promotion and payment of salaries and other emoluments, even to the retirees and pensioners. And today, this cream of Imo people languish in economic hardship and difficulties, yet you derive uncommon happiness and fulfilment in fooling the public in your unrestrained life of falsehood and lies. Where is your conscience and consciousness as a human?

Imo State under IKEDI OHAKIM prided in good governance anchored on due process, transparency and fiscal discipline, including budgetary allocations through a virile legislature. Today, Imo State is administered on the whims and caprices of a visionless and clueless and rudderless leadership under Okorocha. And yet, you clap in idiocy.

IKEDI OHAKIM identified the benefits of Okorocha in enormous resources and allocations which are carelessly wasted in white elephant projects without economic benefits to the existence of Imo State either now or in the future; which projects are surrounded in criminality and dishonesty, and without hope of completion anytime. Imo State bleeds in indebtedness to the Federal Government and other Financial Institutions everywhere. And your seared soul doesn't get pricked how the people are economically raped and devalued in rudderlessness and visionlessness and cluelessness. You deserve pity outrightly in your uncommon sycophancy and treachery, never found anywhere in a young person. You have made yourself a laughing stock indeed.

IKEDI OHAKIM wrote on the destructions of the local government system in Imo State and the traditional institutions and other aspects of the existence of the people. And these are undeniably, notoriously true, very verifiable.

And when next you write, learn paragraphing and improve your written English. Your article is very tardy, inelegant absolutely. Don't hurry to be noticed and applauded in sycophancy. You succeeded only in ridiculing yourself and those you promote through your irredeemably negative activities.

I leave you, Dearest ONWUASOANYA FCC JONES, to your seared conscience.

IKEDI OHAKIM is cerebral, visionary beyond the street accolades of Governor Rochas Okorocha. Just as light and darkness are inconceivably irreconcilable with light superior always, so is IKEDI OHAKIM to Rochas Okorocha in every measurement and description, including in the recorded history of their governance of Imo State. Everything in Imo State is paralysed under Okorocha as the people groan under the curses and burdens of bad governance and negative activities, wastage and wickedness.

And conclusively, Imo people desperately desire and pray for the return of IKEDI OHAKIM as a governor in 2019 though his temporary political sabbatical has not been reviewed. And by the grace and mercies of Jehovah, IKEDI OHAKIM would be touched by the Holy Spirit to reconsider his hardest decision on partisan politics for the redemption and restoration and recovery of the locust years of Governor Rochas Okorocha since 2011 anchored on good governance and godliness thoroughly.

I WEEP for my generation, the generation next in Imo State in idiocy, stupidity and sycophancy.

Thank you.

APRIL 08,2017."

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