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TStv Africa

Cultural Model of Africa is a pageant that features African women today. The pageant will certainly transcend from a small State pageant to one of the most highly anticipated annual community events in the world.
The Cultural Model of Africa Pageant is grooming a new generation of African women leaders to impact their communities in Africa and the rest of the world.
The Pageant enables African girls around the world to shine the spotlight on Africa, tell their stories to the world, inspire one another, build self-esteem, and feel beautiful inside and out. This pageant is like no other, the delegates are very intelligent young women from some of the most respected educational institutions in North America, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and more with careers spanning from the Sciences to the Arts, some in Medical School or Pharmacy School, others are upcoming Journalists or Human Rights Activists and more.
These young and ambitious African women have acquired the spirit of giving back and service to humanity. Cultural Model of Africa delegates speak for Millions of women, children and communities who have no voice.  These young women are seizing the opportunity to advocate for the less fortunate.
The Pageant will certainly attract  highly motivated young women with extra ordinary stories and a renewed energy to advocate for women and children in need.
“Cultural Model of Africa Pageant is grooming a new breed of African women leaders.”
Our Vision is driven by the potentials of the empowered African woman, she is a leader, she is ambitious and she is very savvy, ready to take on responsibilities and focused on changing the world around her.
Cultural Model of Africa Pageant will bring young women together to represent their countries and share their cultures with the rest of the world, celebrate the power of the African woman and foster sisterhood. The Pageant helps the delegates to achieve the following: Build self-esteem and confidence in young African women growing up in a diverse culture

Build Leadership skills
Enhance skills in community development and empowerment through humanitarian service
Be the voice of the voiceless and share issues of concern
Project a positive image of Africa to the rest of the world .
Bridge the gap between Africa and the United States through gestures of goodwill between the two continents.
The Mission of Cultural Model of Africa Pageant is to empower young women through Leadership and Community Service.
Cultural Model of Africa Pageant welcomes National and International Pageants representing different countries, looking for the opportunity to collaborate with a great brand in African Pageantry.
While the Cultural Model of Africa Pageant System independently runs its own Auditions and Selection Process for Finalists, we also welcome Pageant Queens from other African Pageant Systems that uphold the Values and standards of Cultural Model of Africa Pageant. Pageant Systems can sponsor their Queens to the Finals of Cultural Model of Africa subject to a contractual agreement.
The Cultural Model of Africa Pageant System has earned its  place in  the African Communities Internationally as a highly respected pageant brand, therefore collaboration with other National and International Pageants helps to provide more exposure to Partner Pageant Systems in  a joint effort to  showcase African culture and beauty on the global stage.
Interested Pageant Directors are Welcome to send their Queens to the Finals by adhering to stipulated guidelines and contractual guidelines.
The Cultural Model of Africa Pageant System is also Seeking Regional Pageant Directors Across the Geo-political zones in all countries in Africa to develop Regional Pageants.

For more information please email culturalmodelofafrica@gmail.com or call +234 706 8866 686

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