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"... No One Can Cow Me" - Says Ihedioha

The third lecture series of the Watch Dog Newspapers, Imo State, held at Rockview hotel, Owerri, exhibited robust and lividly session as politicians of different hew clashed with the various opinions and on Imo State, Nigeria and the Universe.

The chairman of the occasion, Dr JC Odunna had a tough day in containing the various camps, who stormed the lecture to deliver whatever is their opinion.

The highlight of the occasion was when the Ex-Deputy Speaker of House of Representatives, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha mounted the rostrum to make his speech.
The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Governorship candidate in the last general election in Imo State challenged the youths to chart a course for their future, and stop depending on individuals who have nothing to offer as emulation.

Ihedioha said that democracy create an opportunity for all shades of opinions to be accommodated with superior argument, pointing out that listening to all manner of arguments is the ingredients of parliament, which is where he is coming from.

However, the Aboh Mbaise born politician used the opportunity to lampoon the incumbent Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, for leading Imo State to nowhere since six years he assumed office.
Ihedioha said that it is quite unfortunate that after six years, Okorocha cannot point at any project completed by his administration.

At this juncture, there was uproar in the hall, as followers of the Governor, who came to represent the Government started to shout Ihedioha down, but were overpowered by Ihedioha's followers and a no myriad of others who asked Okorocha’s Men to listen, after which they would be allowed to make their own speech.

But the representative of the government of Imo State walked out, to the disappointment of those at the lecture, who accused him of bringing their one-man-business administration in Imo State, to the forum.

Speaker, after Speaker, wondered how a government representative could walk out while a speaker was delivering his speech.

Ihedioha lapped on the situation to carpet Okorocha’s government, saying that there is no rule of law in Okorocha’s government, which made his appointees to act recklessly even at serious function attended by people from all work of life.
"Okorocha’s government does not obey laws. You see how unruly his appointees behave. It is quite unfortunate ", the Ex-Speaker hinted.

He however said no amount of intimidation can cow him from telling Imo people the truth, whenever he gets the opportunity.

" Wherever I speak in Nigeria people listen. I am a former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives. I did not buy it. I got it by merit. I have a national honour on merit. Therefore, nobody can stop me saying my mind in a democratic society like Imo State " he said.

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