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The rattlesnake is one of the four families of the viper. They belong to the family of venomous snakes in the reptile class of animals. They are found in most parts of the world, apart from Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, Hawaii, etc. The vipers have relatively long, hinged fangs that enable them get deep penetration and injection of venom into their prey.

According to a research, all vipers have a pair of relatively long solenoglyphous (hollow) fangs that are used to inject venom from glands located towards the rear of the upper jaws, just behind the eyes. Each of the two fangs is at the front of the mouth on a short maxillary bone that can rotate back and forth. When not in use, the fangs fold back against the roof of the mouth and are enclosed in a membranous sheath. The left and right fangs can be rotated together or independently. During a strike, the mouth can open nearly 180° and the maxilla rotates forward, erecting the fangs as late as possible so that the fangs do not become damaged, as they are brittle. The jaws close upon impact and the muscular sheaths encapsulating the venom glands contract, injecting the venom as the fangs penetrate the target.

This action is very fast; in defensive strikes, it will be more a stab than a bite. Vipers use this mechanism primarily for immobilization and digestion of prey. Secondarily, it is used for self-defence, though in cases with non-prey, they may give a dry-bite (not inject any venom). A dry bite allows the snake to conserve their precious reserve of venom, because once it has been depleted, it takes time to replenish, leaving the snake vulnerable.

The behavior of the rattlesnake is very instructive. First, the venom of the viper is deadly, and this is worse for the rattlesnake specie, which has the ability to hide and stalk its prey. Oftentimes, you may not be aware of the presence of the rattlesnake. The movement of the rattlesnake is swift and noiseless. The viper can decide how much venom to inject depending on the circumstances. The most important determinant of venom expenditure is generally the size of the snake; larger specimens can deliver much more venom. The species is also important, since some are likely to inject more venom than others, may have more venom available, strike more accurately, or deliver a number of bites in a short time.

In predatory bites, factors that influence the amount of venom injected include the size of the prey, the species of prey, and whether the prey item is held or released. The need to label prey for chemosensory relocation after a bite and release may also play a role. In defensive bites, the amount of venom injected may be determined by the size or species of the predator (or antagonist), as well as the assessed level of threat. This means that the rattlesnake fights dirty when it feels it has been seriously threatened.

The rattlesnake has a way of tracking its prey and injecting its venom, which contains proteins, and allowing the snake to track down bitten prey. For example, hemotoxic venom takes more time than neurotoxic venom to immobilize prey, so the rattlesnake needs to track down prey animals after they have been bitten, in a process known as "prey relocalization". This important adaptation allowed rattlesnakes to evolve the strike-and-release bite mechanism, which provided a huge benefit to snakes by minimizing contact with potentially dangerous prey animals. But due to the nature of proteolytic venom, a bite from a rattlesnake is often a very painful experience and should always be taken seriously. Even with prompt and proper treatment, a bite can still result in a permanent scar, and in the worst cases, the affected limb may even have to be amputated. The fate of a victim of the rattlesnake is impossible to predict, as this depends on many factors, including the species and size of the snake involved, how much venom was injected (if any), and the size and condition of the patient before being bitten.

I have no intension to lecture anyone on the mannerism of the rattlesnake, rather my intention is to look at the rattlesnake in my journey to unravel to the public the personality of Jones, who has acted more like the rattlesnake, stalking his prey and biting when they least expected it. When we look closely at what looks like unrepentant, disgraced backstabber and blackmailer, what we could see is that when he bites he makes efforts to inject his poisonous venom into his prey to demobilize it.

Jones goes about on the social media trying to strike and inject venom into his latest victim, former Governor Ikedi Ohakim. The bashing and questioning he has got on the social media for a week now is enough to make even the most criminal minded and drunk addict to turn his face towards heaven and do some penitence. But typical Jones behaves as if he has no need of penitence. But until he does so nemesis will not leave him.

When I raised the issue of Jones being a grabber and that he jumps ship when he thinks his pocket can no longer be lined with your cash, some people thought it was a joke, but with his recent actions and admission of his heinous actions, almost all have come to agree with me that Jones might be worse than a blackmailer.

Writing on his Facebook wall on April 12, 2017, Jones exposed himself to riddle and disappointed the remnant of his supporters when he admitted that he had asked for financial help from Dr. Ikedi Ohakim and did not get. As usual, don’t take my word for it; take his words: “I ignored Ohakim since I quit opposition. I never really worked for him (true? – this shows him to be a rattlesnake stalking his prey), in the real sense of it, as I never got paid a dime by him (did you believe this?) nor got any official communication to that effect, nor got the sense I was appreciated (how much appreciation did he want?), but I worked like I earned millions.

“People even began to think that I got everything I owned from Ohakim, but this is a man whom I ran to on occasions when I needed seriously help and he turned me down.”

That is Jones for you, without pretensions. But this is what someone, Chioma Amadi, who appeared to know Jones so well said about him in reply to his backstabbing posts on Dr. Ikedi Ohakim, and I quote: “This street urchin called Jones through Enyinaya Onuegbu joined the camp of Chief Emeka Ihedioha. Ihedioha placed him on monthly salary. When his father in-law was sick, he asked Ihedioha for help. Ihedioha could not come up with the money in time and anu mpama Jones left the group abruptly and joined Uwajumogu the former Speaker of the Imo House of Assembly.

“Uwajumogu placed him on a monthly payroll of N50,000 for 12 months. Jones started insulting Ihedioha on social media. While with Uwajumogu he joined the fight against Samuelson Iwuoha. He wrote several things justifying the illegal detention of Samuelson and his wife. He was telling people that Iwuoha and his wife actually committed the crime of which they were detained.

“When the money stopped coming from Uwajumogu like the prostitute he is, he approached Sir Kelechi Okpalaeke who introduced him to Ohakim. He turned against Uwajumogu and finished him. He wrote a lot of nonsense about Uwajumogu. When Uche Nwosu didn't give him attention, he wrote against Uche about how he failed ten thousand jobs interview and how the marriage to Owelle’s daughter was his pipe of survival.

“Uche Nwosu later gave him some money through Pascal Onwubike, TC Chairman, Nkwerre LGA, he is now singing praises of Uche. It is the same Jones that Chike Okafor gave money for a burial and he started praising him on social media but after sometime when he asked Chike money for his film production and couldn't get, he lambasted him. This rotten egg is a very bad example of what an Imo youth should be.

“When Ohakim announced his political leave, he jumped ship again. Today he is writing open letter to Ohakim insulting him. A very unsteady character indeed!”

Writing to defend himself on July 16, 2016, over the allegation put against him by Hon Chike Okafor’s men that he demanded N500,000 from the Hon, this is what Jones said, and I quote: “Some of them (Chike’s men) claimed that I fell out with Chike after he failed to pay me 500,000 Naira which I requested of him… One week after that (his watery rebuttal), Mr. Chike Okafor is yet to put up a disclaimer to such posts. This makes me conclude that he actually directed those who put that post, to do same.” The truth was that Chike does not talk to riff-raffs, therefore he refused to be drawn out by Jones, much like Ohakim has refused to stoop so so so low to the level of responding to petty people and blackmailers.

Unwise Jones would also concede to my claim that he was assisted by Hon Chike for the burial of his grandmother. In his own words, he said, and I quote: “When I made a post about my grandmother's death, he (Chike) came into my wall to commiserate with me and promised to be in attendance and to also assist in whichever way he could. That promise made, I followed it up, and after much disturbances to him, he transferred the sum 100,000 Naira to me on the eve of the funeral.”

But like Oliver Twist, Jones would go to ask for more assistance, saying, and I quote: “Then but Chike Okafor invited me to his house, and over breakfast encouraged me to go on with the job, that he was going to send his support by month-ending. I built that into my plans and went to location. Month-end came, several text messages, calls and even Facebook inboxes, Chike never responded, I only sent him a message telling him that it is quite dishonorable of him to make promises he was not sure of keeping, and it ended at that.”

Is it not clear that Jones will not be ashamed, but rather he would continue to blackmail those who did not assist him? Otherwise, if Hon Chike Okafor had assisted him during the burial of his grandmother and promised to assist him for his movie production, what was the point of their falling out, if it was not the established fact that Hon Chike did not eventually help him? This is the question Jones has not answered. And more painfully, these days he has not been answering questions. Again, why is it that whenever Jones leaves a person he had worked for, the reason is usually linked to monetary demands?

Need I say more, other than add that a man who swallows his words like saliva cannot be called anything but an unstable character. And unstable characters can do anything, including backstabbing.

Jones is driven by envy. He is truly “a very bad example of what an Imo youth should be”. When Jones comes to your house and you presume he is a friend or someone working for you, he might be looking up on your shoulders and into your pocket. He envies you and your children. He shows you that he a disloyal and greedy fellow, wanting to reap where he did not sow. Jones wants to be treated like Uche Nwosu’s children by Uche Nwosu. He wants to be treated like Okorocha’s children by Okorocha. He wants to be treated like Ihedioha’s children by Ihedioha. He wants Araraume to treat him like his own children. He wanted Ohakim to treat him like his children, and since Ohakim did not do that he remains a bad person in Jones’ eyes. Haba! If this is not greed, tell me what is?

Writing on his Facebook wall recently on April 13, 2017, Jones described Ohakim as good father and family man. But since he jumped ship, he has been making efforts to demonize the same man he once described as good father who brought his children up well. He said: “H/E Ikedi Ohakim raised his children with modesty. While H/E, Dr. Ikedi Ohakim reigned for four years as Imo governor, he had grown children. But they were hardly or never in public spotlight, the type typical of Nigerian office holders.”

He continued: “Their father, the then Governor, taught them to stay focused on their education and career pursuits and not to be distracted or carried away by the affluence of their position as first family. Ohakim could have built the most gigantic shopping malls for his daughters and compelled every government official and friends of the governor to regularly patronize the business; he could have let his son own lands and real estate in the most expensive parts of the state capital; he could have allowed them go in long convoys of cars.

“I once asked Ohakim's son why he was largely unknown; he answered, ‘I don't like being in the spotlight. I always want to pass unnoticed and enjoy the freedom and ease that ordinary life gives one. And I don't like the politics.’... That is what proper upbringing does to people. The contrast are children and relatives of some other governors and office holders who block roads and streets of entire state capital just to do wedding; and children of governors who are competing with one another for who will loot more of public funds. It's not their fault. It's parenting failure. And children will do what they see their parents do. A thieving, looting and noisy father (and or mother) will have thieving, looting and noisy children.”

But on April 12, 2017, Jones, writing on his Facebook would say the exact opposite of what he had said about the good father and family man, Ikedi Ohakim. He wrote, and I quote: “If the man (Ohakim) for whom you fight feel so good about you, let his children come and join you in the creek. At least, we see Okorocha's children in Imo State. (But OKorocha’s children have not joined Jones in the creek.) Those of them, who can, own businesses in the State and others who can't are always around. (This was the same Virtue Jones praised in Ohakim when he wrote, and I quote: “Ohakim could have built the most gigantic shopping malls for his daughters and compelled every government official and friends of the governor to regularly patronize the business; he could have let his son own lands and real estate in the most expensive parts of the state capital; he could have allowed them go in long convoys of cars.”) If you think he loves you so much, let him bring you a little close to where his own children are. I don't mean for him to elevate you as much as he has elevated hid own children, but a little close. We see those who have followed Owelle Rochas Okorocha over the years and how they are coming up, gradually, that is how to know whom to follow. (This was also what Jones had condemned when he wrote that the only source of wealth for Uche Nwosu was that he married Okorocha’s daughter.) Show me an Ohakim loyalist over the years, especially, the youths, who has something enviable to show for that loyalty and I will call this fight off. I know a lot of them.”

But then Jones did not compare like to like. For example, Udenwa and Okorocha did 8 years, so to say. Ohakim did only one term. Then Jones lied, because he saw many former appointees of the former Governor always coming around. But the fact is that such mobility is hardly used to judge who is a good politician or not, because it is a major experience with political and business leaders. Old folks go and new ones come to join the remnants. Even as serving Governor, Okorocha has had many of his appointees part ways with him.
On Saturday, April 15, 2017, Jones committed yet another faux passรฉ when he wrote, and I quote: “Before 2011, nobody could have truthfully and confidently said that Owerri is a beautiful city. But today, because of the vision and management ingenuity of HE Owelle Rochas Okorocha, one can truthfully and confidently say this over and over again. This assertion is so true that it was built into a movie line.”

Now consider what the same Jones wrote last year on the same issue of cleanness. Writing under the heading, “CLEANLINESS STARTS FROM THE HEART”, Jones said, and I quote: “You may want to join the enemies of the State to deny all the good things Chief Ikedi Ohakim did and planned for Imo State, but you cannot have any reason to deny his achievements in the area of environmental cleanliness and sanitation. Ikedi Ohakim placed Imo in the heart of the world as one of the cleanest cities in the world and he also pursued a well planned and unprecedented beautification program that made Imo the center of tourist attraction, even before most of those ideas were fully implemented. Imo hosted several events that were earlier seen as the preserves of Abuja and Lagos, and would have gone ahead to host superlative international events had the enemies of progress not connived to abort those dreams of his.

“A man who is clean at heart will always pursue as much outward cleanliness. Ikedi Ohakim is a clean man, who pursues cleanliness with a great measure of perfection. It is due to the cleanliness of his heart that he says things the way, they are without paying much attention to garnishments, but the dirty minded will always thwart the meanings to suit their ridiculous agendas.

“Today, Imo has lost its place as the cleanest State in Nigeria and buried in dirt, because the man who is stirring Imo's affairs is dangerously dirty. Being clean takes a good measure of discipline and lots of efforts, but Okorocha is so desirous of painting a cosmetic picture of his love for the people that he allows people to litter the State anyhow. The ENTRACO and other environmental regulation agencies which Ohakim set up are no longer working as effectively as they should, because the new Governor is not interested in being clean, his whole interest is on deceiving the people.

“Cleanliness goes beyond our physical environment, it affects our morality and integrity as a people. A clean environment enhances the economy of any society and improves the health of the citizenry, it guarantees a brighter future for the society by nurturing a young generation of citizens who are disciplined enough to be clean and prepared enough to pursue a clean lifestyle.”

There is nothing left in Jones to believe. If you want to see the face of a dangerous man, look at Jones. Jones could appear from afar as a harmless dove, but when you bring him close, like a leprous hand, he appears a ravenous wolf. When Jones said: “IS CHIKE OKAFOR FOR REAL?”, can he have the temerity to say it now? Never! Jones’ method is to appear harmless and then walk into your life and if you are careless he would be picking his bullets from your armoury. And before he knew it he would be shooting you from all sides.

Perhaps that was why a friend of mine advised me recently that when Jones enters your house and a snake enter too, that you should first take care Jones because he portends danger, whereas you should pour libation on the snake because it could an agent of the gods.

This is why Uche Nwosu should be very wary of Jones, because it is very possible he has got a contract with another politician to “deal with Uche Nwosu ahead of the 2019 governorship election” in which he is rumoured to be very much interested. Again, it is also possible that Jones is eyeing Onwuemeodo’s job. After all, going by what he has become his public outings these days, Jones has no principles, except to talk about pay and recognition. And going by his own admission, he is a shameless man.

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