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Feyisara Hassan, a Yoruba Actress, 24, has categorically stated that being a babymama is better than being a wife. She added she believes being a babymama is good, and more peaceful than being a wife.
She made this declaration in an Interview with Vanguard.

Excerpts Below:

Many Yoruba actresses are babymamas; what can make you become a babymama?

What most people don’t know is that being a babymama is even better than being a wife. Frankly, I am not against any woman opting to be a babymama, in fact I believe it is good and more peaceful. Being a babymama you enjoy the father of your baby more than if he were your husband.
You can have access to him whenever and wherever you want without any family pressures or restrictions. When you are a wife, there are limitations and restrictions and there’s little room for heartaches. More women are opting to be babymamas because their lives are more peaceful and enjoyable.
Feyisara also revealed she’s not a fan of wearing bra.

You once said you don’t wear bra, can you explain why?

Yes, I don’t wear bras because I don’t feel comfortable with it but I do wear it now because my man is not comfortable with my not wearing it. I guess it is because of my sexy boobs.
But they are not big?
They may not be big but they are very special. They are one of the most beautiful parts I love in my body. Medium boobs are sexy and more attractive than the big ones. All kinds of boobs are good though but mine are more attractive and sexy.
What’s your take on sex generally?
In my opinion and experience, sex is best experienced within a committed relationship where two people have agreed to be exclusive with each other and to explore their sexualities together.
This doesn’t have to be within marriage. However, in my opinion, relationships should not exist solely to provide a means for sex. Relationships should be a beautiful tapestry, of which sex is one piece. And within that relationship, sex should only exist with an incredible amount of communication.
The communication should be about when people are ready for different stages of sex, what people like and dislike in sex, and at the core of all this communication should be consent.
Our society talks about and does consent very poorly (which is why we have such a high rate of sexual violence).

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