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"It is with deep sense of  commitment to justice, equity  and fairness in the polity of Imo  that leadership  of Owerri Youth Council  have realize the  bitter-truth,  and came to the conclusion  that Owerri zone   must realign and re-strategize,  in our  quest  to clinch Imo governorship in 2019.
The truth remains that a carful introspection of the political permutation and calculations of Rochas Okorcha’s  2019  game-plan points to the  bitter-truth that Governor Okorocha is thinking in the direction of Orlu and Okigwe zones.

In 2011,  some political  leaders of Owerri Zone  sold-out  our political right  and greatest chance of  occupying  the Douglas House  when they  voted against  Chief Ikedi Ohakim  (from Okigwe zone)  who then had only  four years  constitutionally allowed tenure;  in preference to Rochas Okorocha, who allegedly promised that he will  go for only one tenure, and that he will handover to Owerri man after his four year single term. Whether or not Okorocha kept to his promise of only one term is now a matter in historical archives.

The most debilitating  aspect  of the political tsunami that saw Ohakim out of office was the fact that some prominent Owerri zone   leaders, particularly former Senator  Chris  Anyanwu,   out of their personal and selfish gains, were accused of leading a delegation to former President GoodLuck Jonathan, after they convinced Chief Martin Agbaso to trade his APGA ticket to Okorocha , in place of Deputy Governorship position to his younger brother; and that was how  they mortgaged our political future in the hands of  Orlu zone.

Now having  realized  that the incumbent Governor Rochas Okorocha  so much hates Owerri zone and his body language is pointing to the fact that Okorocha is doing everything  possible to deny Owerri zone Imo governorship after he had taken inequitable eight year term, in addition to Chief Chike Udenwa’s eight years, we as Owerri Youth Council has taken position that our people must wake-up from this self-induced political dungeon  and recreate our political destiny. And the best way to start  to recreate our political destiny is to make frantic and sincere efforts to reconcile with our brothers in Okigwe zone. In the face of apparent political selfishness  displayed by Orlu Zone, Owerri zone must sincerely realign with Okigwe zone. This is the bitter truth.

We came to this conclusion because the body language of Governor Okoroch indicates  that option (A)  tilts towards his son-in-law  and Chef of Staff, Uche Nwaosu as Governor  and Hon. Chike Okafor as Deputy. Okorcha will then hoax Chief Eze Madumere to go for Senate. Okorocha’s option (B) is to fly Chike Okafor from Okigwe zone as governor and use either Uche  Nwosu or Sir Jude Ejiogu as deputy. Okorocha’s option of Prince Eze Madumere as governorship candidate is a matter in the realm of metaphysical hypothesis. Indeed, Okorocha plans to politically annihilate Owerri zone.

Should Okorocha succeed in his evil  political permutation of enthroning Uche Nwosu  and Chike Okafor,  he would have succeeded  in  his evil and clannish agenda to sentence Owerri zone into  political irrelevance  for the next 16 years, because either Uche Nwosu  or Chike Okafor would be entitled to  eight years constitutional tenure. More particularly is the fact that Chike Okafor’s candidacy would be premised on the condition that he would handover to Okorocah’s son-in-law Uche Nwosu after his constitutionally allowed tenure. What an act of political wickedness to Owerri Zone. !
For these and many more reasons, Owerri Youth Council came to the conclusion  that the best bet for our people is to  reconcile and realign  with Okigwe zone,  formally apologize to former governor Ikedi Ohakim whose goodwill, sense of justice , equity and fairness  we betrayed. It is better we align  with Okigwe Zone because Orlu zone cannot be trusted. We must act  very fast  to reconcile with  Okigwe zone  before Orlu zone  outsmart us once again. No  political zone can win Imo governorship all alone.  

Ohakim is in all sense of honesty the best political ally of Owerri zone in Okigwe zone, and this fact was made manifest when Ohakim supported the candidacy of Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha  after he lost the 2015 PDP Guber ticket.
This is our view, and we hold it to be the truth and nothing but the truth.

Barr. Okere Kingdom Nnamdi

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