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The Honourable member representing Nkwere/Isu/Nwangele/Njaba Federal Constituency and the Committee Chairman on Banking and Currency, Hon. Sir Chukwudi Jones Onyerereri has made it known that it is not a pattern for him to join issues with the opposition and detractors following their allegation of his presence at the National Assembly as a benchwarmer.

The two-time sittings legislator, Hon. Jones who spoke and took the Press on a constituency project tour in his country home of Nkwere dispelled the rumours and accusations of his detractor, as he described it as one coming from people who can’t deal with his intimidating scorecard that even a sitting governor could not contain with.

Known for his popular slogan, the Missionary Parliamentarian, he went further to challenge his accusers to compare his constituency projects and to that of the State government’s on ground, which he said are incomparable following his sincerity and style of quality service delivery.

“I’m known for my words. We run politics here like a missionary. When I tell you something, it is verifiable. I’m being trusted by my people because I’ve not lied to them before, especially as their representative. The position I occupy came as God’s grace. This is the second time I’m representing my people at the National Assembly, and it is rare being a two timer here.

“When I speak, it should reflect God’s grace, because I’m only here as a servant leader. When you go round my constituency, you will find intimidating projects that I have attracted and executed that even a State governor cannot. It will be a great disservice to me if I don’t deliver in words and action to move my constituents to the next level,” he said.

After a media chat, the legislator who represents one of the largest Local government areas in the country took the Press on a constituency project tour made a stop at what could be described as one of the best secondary schools in Africa at Owerre Nkwo-Orji in Nkwere, “It’s attracted by me, but built by the Central Bank of Nigeria.”

Verifiably, the Press independently noted the energized twenty seven communities, distributed transformers, functional street solar lights in all the four major roads of his constituency, fifty computer ICT centers, fifteen laboratories, quarters for teachers and Corp members among many others.

Based on the logistics, the presence of the legislator is testify-able following his effective and quality representation through the provision of skill empowerment, student scholarships at the private institutions, sponsoring of cultural activities, support to security, infrastructural development, human empowerment and others too numerous to mention.


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