Onyeaguochas declaration of dumping the Apc if the guber ticket is not given to owerri zone in 2019 is at best a publicity stunt and of no effect . No body is threatend about such an inconsequential and  alchohol induced statement . I want to make it clear to him that he can leave now instead of waiting till after the inevitable loss of the guber ticket . 2019 Imo guber ticket is open to all zones in Imo to grab and only the fittest can get it . Onyeaguocha and his co travellers should go and get ready to fight for the ticket as that is the only way to get it and not through empty threat or propaganda . It is laughable to read that Hon Uche is threatning to leave apc if the apc ticket is not given to owerri zone . Nobody , not even the governor will fall for such an empty statement . Guber ticket for 2019 is a very serious business and will be fought for fiercely by all the zones . Those who are not aware are hereby informed . Orlu zone where I come from is poised to retain the guber ticket and am also aware that okigwe zone is also getting ready . Onyeaguocha should go and get ready with owerri zone and not wish that any body will dash him the ticket on a platter . This is the reality on ground and we shall meet at the battle ground to decide who gets the ticket .
Nze Elvis Agukwe
Chairman , Imo Stakeholders Forum and Apc Stalwart .

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