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Owerri Imo State based non Governmental organization, Genius Eyes International Foundation For The Hopeless, on Thursday 27th, April, 2017 at Man's Street playground beside PICK n SMILE Supermarket, Wetheral Road, Owerri Imo State organized "OPERATION FEED THE STREET" under the banner of "we came from the street, we give back from where we came from". The event was a huge success.

The Director of the NGO, Mr Paulc Cyprian Iwuala , at a press briefing in Owerri, the state capital on Thursday said that the OPERATION FEED THE STREET' is a program so dear to his heart, reminding him of where he came from.


I'm grateful to God for a successful journey into reaching out to the street, many of us have forgotten the journey, but we all started from the street no matter how rich our parents where we always end up loving the street .." he noted.

Paulcy, a humanist said that the Feed the street venture was absolutely a soul searching, reminding us of our roots, our sorry past and helping to build a bright future while being our brothers keeper.  He was retrospect when he averred:

"When I say giving back to the street, I know exactly what I meant, many of you here have sold things on the street, carried cement on your head, many of you here have been an engine operator for grinding things in the market, the truth of the matter is there is no shame in coming out of the street and becoming a better person but is a big shame when you forget where you came out from, up there is a very tiny bit of my story...

Don't be ashamed tell me what your street huzzle was, and also share this for all to know that being in the street was a survival not a shame ..."

According to Mr Cyprian Iwuala, who said "I once told somebody, for someone that grew with everything a family would have (wouldn't say rich ), I have once traded on the streets, I have hawked Sweet, I have hawked roller papers for making shoes, I have sold wall papers and posters, I was once a conductor in Lagos and Zaria and this was at the brink of my fathers success, I have a history on the street my people and I know exactly what sleeping in an uncompleted building feels like..." he said.

He continued "I know exactly what sleeping besides a smelling dirt near a carpenters shop is, I know exactly what sleeping with beggars is, I know what it is like sleeping under the bridge, I was once called a "moving house" in China because I was thrown out when the people that was meant to give me shelter pushed me away, his name is "Waltex" or Megmusic" I started roaming the streets of China with minus 4 degrees cold, with a big back pack that contains everything I needed, brush, paste, clothes, sponge, soap, wrapper, my mom gave me that from Nigeria, shoes all tucked in one back pack which ofcos was constantly behind my back.." he concluded.

Paulcy , asked the people to avail themselves of rare opportunity to to identify and help the weak, the downtrodden and the less privileged in our society. He was so grateful for the success of the event and thanked those who turned out en-mass and supported in one way or another, the Comedians, artists, media personalities, bloggers, especially IfeanyiCy Njoku who supported the street kids with cash donations and financial appreciations.  He also thanked Egbeigwe, Achara Man, Princewhite, Mcot Green, Owolabi, Mc Lafingas, Philip and host of others for their solidarity.

"It was a great fun, was so exciting and so nice, I made a lot of friends and discovered a lot of talents I'm grateful to God who made it a success, the turn up was great, to all this lovely ladies and gentlemen who made it possible that this even never held us down I will forever appreciate you all...#HOPEFORTHEHOPELESS


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