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TStv Africa

Prof. Wole Soyinka, Nigeria's Noble Laureate on Friday revealed that herdsmen have again invaded his home in Ogun State.

It could be recalled that the herdsmen had last year attacked Soyinka’s home while he was away abroad. He had said then that he returned from a trip outside the country only to “find that my home ground had been invaded, and a brand-new “Appian way” sliced through my sanctuary. That ‘motorable’ path was made by the hoofed invaders. Both the improvised entry and exit are now blocked.”

While speaking with newsmen on Friday at the Freedom Park, Lagos Island, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, Soyinka said this time, the herdsmen came through another path to his doorstep. Soyinka said with this recent invasion of his home by herdsmen, it meant that “we are living in dangerous time,” saying that the invasion convinced him that the attack was a deliberate act of provocation.

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