TStv Africa

TStv Africa

Easter season is here again; a season of love, a season to share and a time to show your family more affection than ever. Ifeanyicy.com, Nigeria's award winning online media platform, is giving out unlimited amazing offer for you and your business to enjoy this festive period. The mouth-watering 30% discount offer come with every advert placed on the award winning blog, www.ifeanyicy.com.

Let's help publicise to the world and tell people around your location good news about your Hotel, Club, Lounge, Boutique, Salon, Supermarket, Pharmacy, Event Centre, Transport Company,Traditional & White Wedding, Celebrations, and lots more.

Don’t miss out on this offer as it is valid only during the Easter season. Use the opportunity to advertise your goods and services with discount prices on the award winning blog, Ifeanyicy.com. Call these numbers now:08177868332, 08067393686, emai us: reachifeanyicy.com


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