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By Fcc Jones

I think Nigerians are celebrating the success of Anthony Joshua more than Britons, whose flag he flies in boxing rings and out of them. But few years ago the same Nigerians broke his heart and nearly made him lose confidence in his talent and passion as a pugilist. He came home, not because he was rejected in England, but because he felt, Nigeria is where his home is. But he was rejected, probably because he didn't have recommendations from high places. He returned to England, a country that appreciates and promotes talents, and today, he has got them the a heavy weight belt in boxing. No matter how Nigerians gloat about it, there will never be a streak of green white green on that belt. It belongs to Britain, and there it shall remain.

Joshua's story is motivating enough and anyone can learn from it. Joshua had the option of going back home after his rejection by the Nigerian boxing authorities, but he moved on and had his eyes on not just becoming a successful boxer,but also proving the guys wrong. Today, he has not only succeeded at that, but has also proven to the world, his worth. Some rejections are blessings. No doubt,  Joshua would have been averagely successful if he was accepted by Nigeria, because his chances would have been limited. He might not have got any medals at the Olympics as he wouldn't have had the facilities to train well, nor the motivation to aspire high.
Take a cue from Joshua today, where is that place you are not being appreciated, where is that place your talents and contributions are taken for granted, quit and move on. Yes, your future is certainly more important than any other thing. Win,  be happy and prove them wrong.
Congratulations, Joshua.

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