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Ladies and gentlemen, today is another day of thanksgiving to God for what He has used one of us to do. You could recall, on return from New Creation Medical Hospital, Orji, in Owerri North LGA, were I (IfeanyiCy Njoku) went to pay Hospital bill of a patient, Mrs Precious Ikechukwu, who was "detained" in the medical facility for her inability to offset medical bills after being discharged since January.

You could also remember, I appealed to good spirited individuals here on Facebook to come to the Aide of the woman, and those who were touched responded immediately and Mrs Ikechukwu was discharged and set free. The Missionary work of good Samaritans!

The pitiable situations , pains, sufferings and agonies of other "detained" patients, who after receiving sound medical treatments , from medical professionals, couldn't meet up with their financial obligations, necessitated the Hospital management to "detained" them until they recover their medical expenses.

Sharing in their pains, after hearing pathetic story of their family backgrounds , I made a second Facebook post,were I called for good spirited individuals to come and help the poor families.  Some "detained" for three months, two months, and so on.  Don't blame the Hospital management , their priority is first to save life, even without collecting deposits, as done elsewhere.  I not only made Facebook appeals to good spirited individuals. I reached out to friends and people of goodwill. The answers were reassuring.

To God be the glory, this morning, Sir Jude Ejiogu, former secretary to Imo State government, whom I met only last night,and narrated the ugly story, accepted to pay for the woman who delivered prematurely and her baby placed under incubator. She was discharged weeks back, but no money to offset medical bill. Sir, Ejiogu asked me how much, I told him. This morning, he called me and said, "Ifeanyi, I would like to send my PA, so that both of you will go and offset the woman's hospital bill" . I happily responded, "good sir, but would like you to go with me and see things for yourself" . He accepted. Hours time, I accompanied him to the Hospital, were he took care of the women's hospital bill, totalling one hundred and Five thousand naira (N105, 000.00) and she was set free, while heaven rejoiced. I gave her also N20k as transport to take her new born babe home, and I equally assisted other patients in the hospital.

I thank Sir Jude Ejiogu for offering himself as vessel for God's evangelism. I pray God to meet him in his area of needs .

Tomorrow, by the grace of God, I will take my Evangelism back to the same Hospital, three other "detained" patients MUST be set free, God willing. Believe and God will use you as vessel to save souls, save life and put smiles in the faces of the poor and downtrodden.

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