Born few years to six decades ago, the then young Ikedi Ohakim was purposeful and target oriented. He never allowed his background to hinder his very tall dreams. From his tender age, the then young but smart and unassuming Ohakim did not leave any one in doubt that he was created for golden role on this earth.
Leaders are said to be born but not made, but Ohakim epitomizes the two phrases that leaders are born and made by God through consistent hard work, industry and dedication.
He was first spotted for great leadership assignment at the fragile age of 25 by his kinsmen when he was made the President general of his native community, Okohia. Though, Ohakim who had gone ahead to emerge as one of the country's forest thinkers in modern days strategic leadership and resource management left landmark achievements as he drove his community in the turbulent ship of community development.
The then young and engaging community leader had gone on to become a commissioner for Commerce and industry and the high point of his leadership career was his shocking emergence in 2007 as the forth executive governor of Imo State. Though Ohakim failed in his bid for a reelection in 2011, the former Governor was a victim of leadership style that was beyond the masses.
A state its population density and major decision makers are made of artisans and the dregs of the society, the scientific leadership style he came up with which would have turned the state to a economic hub on the continent was misconstrued by people who envisaged that human management should be " a promise and fail 'engagement..
A man in love with expertise and professionalism, Ochinanwata, as he is called by his admirers upheld administration fineness and probity while he held sway as the state's helmsman.
Ohakim would have had a successful eight year reign as the governor of the state if he had approached governance as "cut and join thing ". He was a victim of his own philosophy, zeal to do things right and his love for excellence ". Unlike other administrators in this part of the clime, the former Governor would have been celebrated more if he had defrauded his constituents and joked with their sensibilities while he was governor .
As the power game for 2019 approaches, the experiences of Ohakim, would serve as a guiding note for others who want to have a shot at the state's diadem. Tell them lies, they would support you. Promise them what you will not fulfill you would be their hero. Use them to enrich yourself and you would be celebrated. But should Ohakim, change and join the bandwagon of putrid leadership style and mechanism?, a man does not learn how to make use of left hand in old age.

Chidiebube Okeoma, writes from Owerri, the Imo State capital.

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