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Our investigation has it that His Deputy, Prince Eze Madumere, His Secretarty to the Government of Imo State, Sir George Ezenna Eche, his former Chief of Staff & SGI, Sir Jude Ejiogu and his Political friend, Senator Ifeanyi Godwin Araraume are all above 50 years or will be above 50 years by 2019 election.

See the 2017 ages of possible APC aspirants bellow:
Prince Eze Madumere born July 4, 1964 (age 52 years)
Sir George Ezenna Eche born May 10 1965 (age 51 years)
Sir Jude Ejiogu born September 23 1963 (age 53 years)
Ifeanyi Godwin Araraume born December 16, 1958 (age 58 years)

Read exclusive from Kelechi Ajaero Opara:

"Governor of Imo State of Owerri decent: Rochas recent recitation!!

Nearly every political discourse in Imo State now centers on who will succeed Rochas as the Governor of the state. While many political analyst believe that it is the time for Owerri Zone to taste the seat of power, others believe that the body language of the governor shows that he has nobody from owerri zone in the list of his preferred successors. Considering the impact the power of incumbency has in determining who wins an election in Nigeria, owerri people are apprehensive that they may wait longer to take their turn in the seat of power. The governor has what seems like a new anthem these days. He recites it at nearly every occasion. The frequency at which he makes this statement that " people above 50 years of age should not aspire to be IMO state governor come 2019" is giving credence to the rumors that he is positioning one of his Sons in-law as his successor. If this is true, that means that owerri zone has to wait for another 4-8 years before her son or daughter can preside over the affairs of the state which has its capital at her domain. The zone has suffered various degrees of injustices in her quest to govern the state. From the ill-conceived charter of equity which they entered with the two other zones that denied her sons who won PDP primary in 1998 to the barbaric cancellation of the 2007 gubernatorial election won by Chief Martin Agbaso by Iwu's INEC, Owerri has suffered more than any other zone in her quest to produce the governor of the state. Despite the treatment he, Rochas, meted on prominent sons of the zone especially the Agbasos', the zone massively supported him during the 2015 general election(even against the interest of her own sons who are even more qualified)with the hope that the governor will see reasons and support the zone in 2019. The unceremonious removal of Sir Jude Ejiogu as SSG and the recent recitation that candidates above 50 years should not run(which summarily disqualifies his owerri loyalists) is a clear indication that he may not be fancying his close allies from the zone as his successor. Owerri people must come together if they truly want to produce a Governor of IMO state of owerri decent. We must rally round one saleable candidate rather than have many who cannot win elections outside his own autonomous community."

By Kelechi Ajaero Opara

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