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In the wake of the ongoing controversy as to whether to reinstate Eze C.I Ilomuanya as directed by the Federal Ministry of Justice, Governor Rochas Okorocha felt slighted and threatened to banish the embattled Monarch if he continues to disturb the peace of the state.

He made it abundantly clear that the decision to remove Ilomuanya as chairman of Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers could never be reversed neither his dethronement as the  Eze of Obinugwu can be revisited.
According to the Governor, Ilomuanya's tenure as State Chairman of Ndi-Eze expired about three years ago.

He expressed dismay that rather than contesting his dethronement as Traditional Ruler, he was contesting his removal as the state chairman of the Council.

"Since, he does not want to rest, the next step is to withdraw the personal security attached to him as well as the coat of arms on his vehicles " he warned.

The governor threatened to banish llomuanya if he continues running about challenging the government decision.
The courts, he noted rules on his position then as Council Chairman and not on his removal as traditional ruler.
"Let me clarify, Ilomuanya is no longer an Eze, he is Mr. Ilomuanya. He is not an Eze and will no longer be an Eze, His Eze was not a proper one. Let me give you an insight, for the purpose of those who misplace fact. What Illomuanya went to Court for, is to claim that he is still the Chairman of Imo State Traditional Rulers Council. First of all, I removed him as Chairman, he wasn’t coming to meetings or attending any function so we removed him as Eze. He went to Court and the Court said status quo should remain which means the last incident should remain which is his removal, which was the last thing that took him to Court. His five years tenure ended 3 years ago so the issue of tenure is over, he can only ask for entitlement of the tenure because the tenure has elapsed. For now, he is no longer an Eze unless the Court says otherwise. I have warned that he stops parading himself as an Eze or I will banish him from the State”.

He however used the opportunity to comment the pending election of Imo Ezes, which he said has been put on hold until the new secretariat and palace of Eze Imo were completed.

The  Governor  expressed concern over the unweary number of Traditional Rulers and assured that a measure has been put in place to classify the Ezes and reduce the number through the criteria of population of autonomous communities.


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