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You hate to believe this but if Big Brother is asked today their choice to win the N25 Million, Tboss will be their answer.

Attempt to destroy Kemen's reputation just to build up Tboss own is demonic by Payporte. I will post the video soon for those who are yet to watch it so they can be the judge.

Way back in Secondary School, I still remember vividly during my WAEC and we were to write government. I went to friend's place where only students stay to read. We read late into the night and I had to pass the night over.

In the room I slept was one of the most beautiful girl in our class. Well endowed back and front. She was a stunner back then and many male students wanted to get down with her. Inside the room was also another tall pretty student. You know how beautiful these Igbo secondary school girls can be. But I was keen on Chinasa not the tall Ijeoma even though I know she liked me. In the same room was another guy too who slept with us.

I slept on same bed with Chinasa who was friendly with me in class and outside. I began to smooch her that night under the cover of darkness. I went further and she didn't stop me either by pushing me away, leaving the bed or waking up to tell me to stop. I noticed she was wet and she turned and face me. Gracious God, I began to kiss her while she was 'sleeping' and yet no movement from her. That silence to me was consent. I had to look to be sure my school mates who were sleeping were not watching us.

Took out the orange juice and sucked before finally parting the red sea and walked through.

In the morning, we looked at each other like nothing happened. She looked at herself and saw the effect of the anointing poured on her and looked at me. "Pedro, you are a bad boy, with this your innocent face". I just laughed. That was the first and last time we sang songs of praise together, even though we remained friends till after our school.

If this had happened in Big Brother, even before I kissed, the intruding voice would have stopped me, not knowing that she was enjoying it. If Big Brother had called us to the Diary room, I'm pretty sure that Chinasa would have cried that I molested her while drunk.

This is just what happened between Kemen and Tboss. During sexual discussion and she was talking about her favorite sex position, she mentioned doggy style which is from the back. She actually turned back for Kemen to penetrate easily and get her to enjoy it, but biggie must make a name as not being an immoral show, and Kemen paid the price. Tboss refusal of not knowing is because she felt embarrassed that she was caught in the act, meaning the viewers have seen it. For integrity sake, she had to deny and for that I do not blame her but the society who expect so much from us morally.

If drinking legend stout is what makes people drunk and she didn't get drunk three weeks ago after same drink, then let the drink be banned. But we all know it's all a game and Kemen has just being played out.

But for Big Brother to make itself an avenue to destroy the reputation of a young man in a show that's all kiss, eat and fuck; then we need to review it. If Debbie Rise could kiss Bassey so deep on his lips while he was TRULY asleep and biggie formed Stevie Wonder, then we need to stop wasting our airtime voting anyone for this show.

By Investigative Journalist,  Fejiro Oliver

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