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Sex stories involving our public schools, especially the City Schools have come to an alarming rate as Owerri City School appears to be the worst hit.

Information revealed that a female student was recently allegedly raped at the school hall during official school hours by some suspected senior male students.

Therefore, according to our source, the matter was reported to the school authority and the girl came out to mention the names of the alleged rapists and now the school authority is still handling the case at Owerri City School.

Just few weeks ago, a primary school pupil was reported to be shouting inside the same school hall and people rushed out for help and she alleged that a male student dragged her to the  school hall and attempted to rape her.

We learnt that the boy was also taken to the school management and still now, no disciplinary action has been taken.

Series of complaints have gone to the school authorities over the teachers, students  relationships which has generated a lot of ripples since the school was built.

On February 14th, information came that a teacher was seen hanging out with two female students in one of the joints in Owerri. Stories of teachers/students relationship going on in schools show that some of the teaching practice internships are interested in having affairs with the female students more than undertaking the major assignment that brought them to schools.
The school authority was said to have had a lot of reports on this issue but no reaction yet.

- Trumpeta 17/2/17

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