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Former Deputy Speaker Federal House of Reps, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha's Social Media Aide and Director General,New Media of Imo State Chapter of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, AIC Akwarandu reacts to Prof Nnamdi Obiaraeri's unpalatable remarks on his Boss published on Watchdog Newspaper,Vol 3 No 91,February 10,2017,captioned "Why Emeka Ihedioha Should Not Aspire To Be Governor"

It Reads:

"Open Letter to Prof. Nnamdi Obiaraeri

Dear Prof.

Who speaks and it comes to pass when the Lord has not spoken?

Upliftment and promotion come from only the Lord who gives to whomever He wills and loves. And on Imo State and Governorship, I'm very sure that the Lord has not spoken, not to Prof. Nnamdi Obiaraeri or anyone else around him . And who are you to speak and it comes to pass when you could not speak for yourself? Very laughable and ridiculous.

I read Professor Obiareeri's article captioned "Why Emeka Ihedioha can not be governor". I tried to fathom his real reasons for taking up such a difficult task of convincing Ndi Imo with indignity and brazen audacity and ruthless impunity, why a man who has served as the no 6 citizen in a Country of over 120 million people as the Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives with record - breaking legislative and political accomplishments, can not lead a State. Unfortunately, I did not find any. And still, it's ridiculous absolutely.

In this part of the world, people tend to appreciate lies much more than facts. And such tendency has remained our problem in Imo state. The future aspiration and ambition of the Right Honourable Emeka Nkem Ihedioha cannot be determined by the street and pedestrian remarks and activities of Prof. Nnamdi Obiaraeri, who has reduced politics to social and traditional media brigandage. Prof. Sir, i know that when you contested for Senate, a lot of people gave you reasons why you can not win that position. Your recent write up has proven that you accepted them and little wonder, it ended the way it did.

You have remained a family friend, Boss and mentor. However, I refuse to be mentored wrongly this time. Prof. In case you do not know, there are only two sets of people that can never lead Imo State. The first category are dead Imolites who do not have ambition again. The next set of people are the likes of De Sam Mbakwe who invariably is among the first set, Chief Achike Udenwa, and unfailingly, Gov. Okorocha whose tenure will expire on May 29th 2019. Aside from these sets of people, any individual can aspire to lead Imo and can win if God is on the side of the person in the ambition and aspiration.

According to Lamentations 3:37, no body has the power to speak and it come to pass except the Lord says so. Prof. You are not God. You do not have the power to decide who becomes what ,especially when you could not do same in your own election. Election is about the people and if the people are with you, there is noting any body , no matter how highly placed, can do about it. It's absolutely the business of God and His Son Jesus and the apostles.

Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha is a destiny child. When He emerged as an Honourable Member for the 3rd time due to his sterling performances over the years, some powers that be said He will never become a principal officer. And these doubts evaporated speedily as Ihedioha got rarely favoured and promoted. As God would have it, He emerged unopposed as the second in command out of the 306 Honourable Members of the House of Representatives, National Assembly, Nigeria. . Anybody could take the glory of playing what role or the other but I can tell you that it was a divine intervention , and it happened. People like you would have said it will never happen. And therefore, Prof Nnamdi Obiaraeri and any other person for that matter, cannot, under any guise, shove persons with impeccable character and unimpeachable integrity founded on robust and positive accomplishments in public service as represented by Emeka Ihedioha. And the article of Nnamdi Obiaraeri, including the porus remarks contained in it, are likened to the rantings of an ant in the evolving Imo State Governorship in 2019 or thereafter. Prof. Obiaraeri lacks the moral rectitude to preach in the public arena, not when he'd aptly described himself as a political prostitute who can join any vehicle when the one He paid for from the park develops fault. And further, Prof. Nnamdi Obiaraeri should pre-occupy himself with the activities of his current political master in Governor Rochas Okorocha who is not taken any of His advice, and his former boss in Senator Ifeanyi Godwin Araraume. It's shameful to read Prof. Obiaraeri on the Imo State governorship because he doesn't seem to speak for the masses rather for the moving "Bus" and "Boss" in " in political activities. " And therefore, the future of Emeka Ihedioha and any other person in imo state and beyond is in God's safest Hands only. And only God will determine the future and fate and destiny of Ndi Imo in 2019 and even after 2019.

Thank you Prof. for your understanding and God bless you."

Aic Akwarandu
DG New Media, Imo PDP.

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