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TStv Africa

Manchester United fan and Imo state born  public affair commentator cum journalists, comrade Chidiebube Okeoma has expressed happiness over Manchester United for wining Southampton in today's league cup final, beating them 3 goals to 2.

In a short message, Okeoma the over excited ManU fan  shared on his Facebook, reads:

"Having seen off every determined Southampton FC today in a league cup final , there is no gain saying the fact that Manchester United (the pride of English football) are very determined, focused, ready, energized, spurred and eager to win the remaining two trophies they are gunning for.

"Despite the strong opponents, United would emerge the Champions of the FA and Europa cups at the end of the current season.

"Winning laurels have a long way of spurring a team to go for more glories and what United have done this evening, treble at the end of the campaign will not be an impossible feat.

Glory glory man UTD......." he stated.

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