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Those who want to go to equity must do so with their clean hands, clean legs, clean conscience and clean everything.

The issue of equity must be all embracing. All encompassing. You do not dwell on one and leave the rest floating.

Those talking about equity with regard to the Imo governorship in 2015 only have their attraction. And we all know.  Their attraction is to have access again to what we also know.  Do you understand ? Not for the love of the state.  Or for their love for equity, perse. If they love equity, and wants it entrenched or enthroned they must address it wholly and entirely.

The 2015 governorship of Imo State is not the only one meant for the application of equity, if need be.  Infact, equity must begin from the scratch or from the bottom to the top. Talking about the governorship only is cutting the matter from the middle. Which is not advisable. All those who know they have destroyed equity at any level can begin to apologise because some people were hurt by such disregard to "equity".  When they do that, we can begin to address the issue more compassionately and more sincerely.
And Imo people will begin to address the issue of equity and definitely not in the context of Zonal Jingoists lopsided, Divisive and Porous kind of equity.

It is even more annoying when people talk non-existent equity.  And one may be forced to ask whether this equity issue only applies to the 2015 governorship of Imo state.  This equity, does it only apply or should it only apply to the 2015 governorship bid of Imo State?  Where was  the  Zonal Jingoists during the 2006 primary of PDP when Hope Uzodinma, Tony Ezenna, Festus Odumegwu from Orlu Zone were all in the race when Achike Udenwa had done 8 years.

Where were they when Owerri Zone in 1999 fielded Nze Mark Odu as Governorship candidate of AD even when the APP and PDP had chosen Orlu candidates. It is also on record that chief Evan(s) Enwerem contested the APP governorship primaries with the eventual winner, Dr Ezekiel Izuogu. It was after he lost that Enwerem decamped to PDP where he was handed the PDP Senatorial ticket for Owerri Zone in a platter. Also in 2003, Owerri people  including Chief Humphrey Anumudu participated in the governorship election against Orlu second term.  Remember also for records that in 1979, Owerri zone supported their son Dr Sylvester Ugoh who was a running mate to Dr Nwakamma Okoro of NPN against Okigwe man in the person of Chief Sam Mbakwe of NPP. Unarguably, Martins Agbaso from Owerri Zone contested the election of 2007, same is Junior Agbaso who is a running mate to  Rochas Okorocha in 2011, thereby, totally and completely destroyed the much publicised charter of equity.
Deciet or falsehood is not a good English word. They are hydraheaded. Tomfooleries.

The agitators of Zonal sentiments should find out whether this equity stuff has been grossly jeopardised or destroyed at Federal Constituencies, Senatorial Districts, and House of Assembly levels in the State. The Zonal Jingoists will be deceiving themselves or their God, if they pretend not to know that this equity piece has been greedily torpedoed at these levels. Those who are twelve years in the House of Representatives or in the Senate or in the House of Assembly have they honoured the principles or ethos of equity?  The answer is Capital No. Then how do such people go to equity with such record of dis-equity.

First Published in 2014 and culled from newsresearch.

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