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It can only be God, when God directs your Line of thought and you obey, it's certain Heaven will  open and God manifest Himself .
If you could recall a touching story of a young boy ( Nnaemeka James Okeagu) around the age of 20 to 22 years I reported here on Facebook yesterday morning, Monday 16th January, 2017. I told us how I woke of from sleep restless and highly worried only thinking about a young boy from my village, from a very poor home, who finished learning a trade ( Aluminium work) that he can use to earn a living to sustain his life and that of family, after spending years in the secondary school without anybody to sponsor him further his education. The young Nnaemeka resorted to learn Art Work;  the fabrication of aluminium, fixing of windows, doors and rails but on graduation from training, the family could not afford to raise capital for him to start his trade. Out of frustration and to survive the challenging situation, James have no other option than  to start  climbing Palm Trees to cut palm fruits for families who pay him N50 or N100 per palm tree.
Shocked at the dangers of the new development and looking at his bright future, a very humble,  respectful, hardworking  and intelligent young boy. After narrating his ordeals to me and informing me of his plan to go back to his aluminium work immediately he saved enough money from climbing palm trees, which he will use to buy equipments and tools for his work.  I promised him that God will provide him money. It was a promise of faith. But on return to Owerri from Village after Christmas festivities, my spirit became troubled. Always thinking about the young man. I heard a voice asking me to make a post on his behalf. I obeyed  that voice and only yesterday, I posted pleading on friends here to help me give the young man a lifeline. That doing so will be the happiest moment of my life.
Jesus is Lord, praise His name always.  No upto 20 minutes I posted the story on my Facebook wall, an Angel of God came in form of human being, an Imo son,  Sam Okoli from far away Brazil sent me Facebook inbox and it reads:

"I am touched by Nnaemeka's story.
The reason why GOD bless people is for them to also be a blessing to others.
Tears dropped my eyes as I read that story.
Look no further, He shall go back to his handiwork.
Send me your account details but Please watch him closely to be sure the money is used for the purpose it was given.
You are a Good Man.
Thank you for bringing this to public notice.
"It is well"..."
I couldn't believe it. Few minutes later,  Mr Okoli, aka Senator, a name he bears in our University days at Abia State University and my very good friend sent another inbox which reads :

Acknowledge the receipt of 180k.
He can use the 20k he saved for some other personal stuffs.
Accept the assurances of my sincere regards.
Thank you for giving me a platform to assist."
Shocked by the speed of the development, I immediately acknowledged receipt and this morning drove to Umunakanu ,Ehime Mbano LGA ,Imo State to hand over the sum of N180,000 to the family of  the young boy before his mother and sick father. It was all Joy and Heaven was a witness. To God alone be the glory.

To my friend  Sam Okoli, there was joy in heaven today because of what you did. Rejoice because  you planted a seed in the heart of God.  Heaven will open for you. Wow! You are blessed beyond richest. This is your year of Thanksgiving.
To you friends reading this post, in all you do, try and listen to your inner self, the God in you speaking to you positively. If He directs you and you obey His words, He will manifest in many ways that will surprise you.

Join me to praise God for using me as a vessel to impact on humanity, while thanking  Sam Okoli for investing in the life of the young boy.

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