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TStv Africa

 According to the invoice (attached below), Yankee, a known big boy was spotted at the newly built Opium, Cubana Night Club and recreation arena with friends on a new year celebration , January 1st, where he reportedly spent a whooping sum of N7.4 million on drinks totaling about 40 different bottles of various brand of exotic fine wines.

He spent ₦4.5m on 18 bottles of Ace of Spade Rose gold drink, ₦400,000 on 2 bottles of Ace of Spade Brut, ₦2m on 10 bottles of Krystal Champagne and another ₦500,000 on 10 bottles of Belaire Rose totaling about ₦7.4m.

What a spectacular way to launch the new year! ...*winks


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