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"Dear President Buhari,


I bring you greeting from the Eastern heartland of Imo State. Your Excellency, this letter may come to you as a surprise because I am going to be as blunt as I have never been !
Mr President, Nigerians trooped out enmasse to vote for you because PDP never meant well for Nigerians worth with the way and manner they piloted the affairs of this nation in the last 16years mismanaging and looting our collective patrimony like "no man business"!Mr President you promised Nigerians "Change "to right the wrongs of the PDP thereby rescuing us from the shackles of bad leadership. Mr President its almost 2years that we gave you our mandate and it is becoming obvious that you have no iota of clue as to how to salvage this country from this "Impending doom "!
Mr. President ,of a truth, you are not responsible for this recession but I and other youths of this country who risked everything to campaign and Vote for you are beginning to be disappointed that there is no hope in sight to ameliorate the suffering of Nigerians! This is rather sad! Mr President the cost of living in this country is almost beyond the reach of the common man! Our people are suffering! No food! No light! No Fuel! The cost of goods and services have tripled !A Dollar is almost N500! Mr President, your economic team have failed woefully! I have advocated that you reshuffle your cabinet..Drop some of these ministers who have not helped this government and bring in more capable hands that will help you rescue the economy! The economy needs to be rescued! Mr President hunger walks on two legs in the land! If your advisers have not told you, please be Informed that Nigerians are hungry and they are looking up to you to provide food for them!Mr President this is not to say you have not done well in some areas like Security, fight against corruption which has been the mantra of this administration. At least now everyone knows that stealing is corruption! Nobody steals Government money with reckless abandon unlike what it used to be in the past! Mr. President this letter like others before it, is borne out of the desire to see you succeed! Mr President, I am also aware that this letter will be MISCONSTRUED to mean that I have joined the WAILERS .hahahaha  .it is not true as I remain an ardent supporter of your administration because I still have confidence in your leadership abilities and capabilities to steer the ship of the Nigerian State to provide democracy dividends to our people. Mr President I am praying for you to succeed because if you fail.. God forbid! I shall loose hope in Nigeria! Once again, lest I forget, avoid anyone who comes at this time to tell you about running for President again in 2019!Avoid him or her like a plague and channel your efforts towards rescuing Nigeria from this economic recession that is threatening to finish our people! May God continue to give you the wisdom, strength and good health to lead Nigeria to the promised land.. It's time to change your style.. Amen"

Mr Ekwe Scott Ekwe is from Oil Rich Region Of Ohaji Egbema LGA of Imo state, South East Nigeria.

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