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The former Vice Chancellor of the Federal University of Technology Owerr, FUTO, and former commissioner in Imo State, a revered son of Ngor Okpala LGA of Imo State, South East Nigeria, Prof Jude Njoku has carpeted the government of Imo state led by His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha while reacting on the recent acquisition or floating of an airline by Imo state government.

His statement reads:

"My Take on The Rumoured Imo Airline.

I wish to start this brief by first congratulating the Executive Governor of Imo State for yet another creative administrative adventure.

Investment at the level of an airline is a sign of surplus cash flow and cash circulation within the control of the investing organization or society.
The Imo State Executive Governor in the person of His Excellency Anayo Rochas Okorocha has also proven to Imolites that what comes into Imo State and what is generated from the state is sufficient enough to take care of the needs of ndi Imo as it concerns the maintenance and servicing of both human and infrastructural structures of the state.

Having made these assertions,  i am very much aware that the essence of governance and leadership is to put smiles on the majority of the people by doing the right things at the right time with right intents.
I am of the opinion that the acquisition of an airline at this given season of recession where the state is faced with a backlog of unpaid salaries for Imo civil servants with disorganized civil service administrative structure, where pensioners whose personal savings for 35 years are being tampered with plus unpaid gratuities and monthly pensions running into several months.

Where no project has been completed, commissioned and operational, where Imopoly is in disarray, roads to Federal Poly has been neglected,  where our traditional institutions are being desecrated, medical facilities disregarded and education taken back to the stone age.

Every Imolite must be treated as a stakeholder in the governance of the state, no preferential investment should be encouraged, Airline is for the rich alone, what happens to the middleclass and poor ones in our midst?

What are the people asking for from their leaders? Few things that should not even form part of any campaign promise in the 21st century governance: Good roads, health care, education, security, freedom, electricity, these are basic and legitimate deliverables of any sensitive government, if these are provided for the people, the government can operate from the moon and the people will careless about them.

At this point in Imo state, such investment like airlines should be left in the hands of private investors while the state looks for means to restore the hope of the people for those with the given mandate to decide and execute the will of the people.

Thanks for your attention.

I remain

Prof. Jude E. Njoku
Professor  of Agricultural Economics
E-maill: prof.njokue@gmail.com."

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