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The office of the chief of staff of government at any level is a very sensitive one, one charged with a verse responsibilities that cannot really be pinned to one or two specific task, investigation has found out that the duties and functions of a chief of staff vary, depending the person holding the office and the person for whom the work, however, the responsibilities includes programmed management and strategic initiative.

The roles of a chief of staff are both managerial  and advisory. The office is as good as what the occupant makes of it as the scope has been found to be some limitless and a highly tasking office. In any proper setting, a chief of staff is the closest and most trusted ally of his principle and this position, confidence is not won on a platter of gold or overnight.

The above analysis lends credence to the fact that there have been many chiefs of staff as there have been governors in the state. But the current chief of staff Chief Ugwumba Uche Nwosu has stood out thereby his activities redefined the office. The dexterity at which he delivers his assignment to him is a well known fact and saying that the reward for good work is more work. We have seen this saying manifest vividly in the life of Ugwumba Uche Nwosu who has continued to be a great assistant to the governor in carrying out the numerous tasks the rescue mission has taken upon itself.

Ugwumba Uche Nwosu like his principal, Owelle Rochas Okorocha works till late in the night everyday in order to make sure that no ground is lost in their effort to deliver good governance to Imolites and lift the state to the next level of economic development.

The chief of staff has been very busy initiating ideas and making contacts that could boost economic growth of the state and create wealth for its teaming populace, no day passes without the chief of staff holding up to ten different meetings. In most of them representing the governor, it is either he is receiving people with different ideas on how to move the state forward or he is paying such visit to higher authorities to negotiate for the interest of the state.

The fact that he is an energetic young man matches well with his zeal. Most times like festive period, when he is expected to relax a bit and enjoy with his family, he is also seen moving around government projects sights to make sure no stone is left unturned in the development prowess of the rescue mission administration.

That way he carries himself while doing all these works is one factor that has continued to endear him to the heart of many well meaning Imolites who are baffled at the level of his humility. He has also tried as much as possible not to be distracted by some cheap blackmail apparently sponsored by some enemies of the present government who sees his rising profile as a threat to their personal ambition and has therefore hired some media men to propagate falsehood against him.

Meanwhile the area of human capital development is another area where the erudite chief of staff stands out. Recognizing the fact that he rose from a humble background and the fact that someone helped him to come up the ladder. He has not looked back to help as many people as possible, mainly youths to come up. Through his current office as the chief of staff, like all other positions he has held in the past, he has empowered  youths to become useful to themselves and society at large.

As Chief of staff he needs services of people to deliver his numerous assignments. Through such space he has given many youths the opportunity to contribute their quota. Those who have worked with him at one point or the other pray hard to continue working with him as they would not want to work with any other person than him.

His magnanimity even though not touted about has remained public knowledge and no wonder he has continued to receive accolades and awards within and across Nigeria.  Imo state is lucky to have such Chief of staff who human capital development is his heartbeat and they are praying to be blessed with such person as chief of staff and in the leadership positions in the future.

 It is true that Governor Okorocha is happy to have such articulate and vibrant young man who understands his heartbeat as the chief of staff.

He will no doubt be praying God to bless him with such personality as chief of staff in his future assignments.

Written by
PRO to the Chief of Staff.

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