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I wish to start this discourse by saying that I am not a fan of Nnamdi Kanu. I don't begrudge his fanatics, and they are very many, just the same way I reserve the right not to buy into the ideals which he presumably represents and propagates. In the same way, I do not subscribe to the tenets of Biafra of the field but I am a firm believer of the Biafra of the mind. To me, the realization of the tenets and ideals of Biafra and Biafranism do not and cannot find expression and fulfillment in dismemberment and balkanization of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our dear Nigeria but in the institutionalization and domestication of those principles and ideals whose absence fuel and justify the agitation for Biafra. And these ideals and principles include but not limited to freedom, equality and social justice.

As it is today, nothing typifies the dehumanization, marginalisation, subjugation and degradation of a people, in this case the Igbos of the defunct Eastern Region, than the continous illegal detaintion of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. That the Buhari-led government has obstinatly detained Nnamdi Kanu in outright disregard to numerous court orders casts very grim doubt on the democratic pretentions of this government even as it renders the raison detre behind the trial of Nnamdi Kanu suspect. That Nnamdi Kanu so occupies a pride of place in the order of priority of this government to the extent that the government is opting for his trial in secret makes many an analyst conclude that what this idealistic youth is being subjected to is not a judicial prosecution but a state sponsored persecution.

The Nigerian State may not know but it is true - Nnamdi Kanu is stealing the show. In persecuting him, they are inadvertently canonizing him even while he lives. They are making him a major issue, and in making him a major issue they are turning him to a super hero. Early this week, the trial judge granted the government a favorable nod to subject Nnamdi Kanu to a secret trial. By making and obtaining this application, the government shot itself on the leg as it were. Never a man to allow a golden opportunity slip off, Nnamdi Kanu courageously and openly accused the State as epitomised by our President as working from judgement to trial. He openly assured President Buhari that try as he might, he cannot imprison him. The height of the dance of shame was when Nnamdi Kanu blurted - "what's the nonsense of trying me in secret when you are killing my people in the open? Rubbish!"

By Ubani Dannie

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