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Just as the name of our foundation imply, Rubies of Compassion Foundation is a foundation set up by young people in Enugu State , with Ichie Agbalanze as the Founder, to cater for the welfare of the impoverished members of the society. With our slogan as young people inspiring humanity,we came up with the idea of looking out for the Children who are left in the streets without care and nurture, and also the destitute , talented children  hiding in ghettos. We call them the street champs.

Showcasing the best talents of the street champs was an event held on the 3rd of December, 2016,  in respect of these children- our champs. It was an avenue to show people that children from this strata of the society are capable of doing what those in an average , conducive, ideal setting of what a child ought to have ;they can also do it. These children often seen as nuisance, dirty, unkempt, had more than meets the eyes beneath their shabby clothes and scratched faces. It was an event just like the title portrayed,  showcasing the talents of the rejected children of the society.

Getting hold of these children wasn't an easy task for us. We did a lot of trust building drill and publicity before we achieved it. First, we had to approach the ones that begged on the streets and cleaned the windshield of car drivers or owners at every traffic light spot, got to know how they ended up on the streets and how they managed to get by each day.We also inquired from them, what they really wanted to make out of their lives and discovered they had amazing talents, but no avenue to show it off. We held meetings with them subsequently , at any free available space, spend quality time with them and also give them food, snacks and even medical care to those that needed such at the moment. We don't really have a definite venue for meeting because they sleep on the streets and actually have no place to go. With each meeting, a new unique talent was discovered and they felt more comfortable around us. That was when the idea of doing something fancy for them came up.

The second category of children where talented children in ghettos. We thought that they too are a part of what we do and would also provide a sense of belonging to those in the streets. It took us three months to scout for them and Just 1 week to get them ready for the event. We met their parents and guardians who gave their consent and support before the event was held.

The street champs as a package for impoverished children is also an important branch of the ROC-Foundation.With the event as our first publicity for the Champs, we don't intend to end it all there. Those on the streets, whom are our main heartache don't have access to basic necessities of life like food, clothing, shelter , medical attention and education. We intend to provide all these for them, with the support of others of course. So far, we are looking out for accommodation and everything that goes with it, to get them out of the streets most importantly, before others follow suit. The ghetto children are not left out either, because they are all talented and we need to let their talents shine. We are currently working towards hooking them up with professionals who would bring them up properly with everything it takes to develop their talents and potentials fully.

You too can also be a part of it.

"Kindness is my Religion, Love is the only answer" - Agbalanze

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