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Since Okorocha's arrival in Imo in 2011 as Governor elected under the political platform/ party, All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, he seems to have adopted unorthodox methods in governing Imo State including calling the bluff of all those who thought that without them, Imo would not move forward  an inch.

Before Okorocha, there were some political  "Oracles", who were of All Government In Power  ( AGIP), therefore whoever wins as Governor, must approach them for "Advise".

But Okorocha desecrated this assumption and moved on with what he had. He created his own youth leaders, women leaders, new politicians,  Elders and what have you. Under this circumstance, there was the feeling that Okorocha will retrace his step and return to the status quo with the recognition of these perpetual Godfathers.  But till date, the Ideato South born Governor refused and continues to march on.
However, the only snag is that because of the quality of persons around the Governor, he has been turned to Deity by his own crowd of people, who owe their entire life to the Governor, and therefore, not ready to question any of his decisions,  whether good or bad. That is where the Okorocha era has a question mark. Because absolute power corrupts absolutely. But whether he has conquered his territory; Imo Populace, yes he has.

Till date, many Imo people paddle the false story that Okorocha uses a spell on them. That's rubbish!
The spell Okorocha has on the Imo People is simply that he has studied the psyche of every average Imo electorate, and he is applying the results of those experiments to the fullest.

In a simple language, Okorocha knows Imo people and knows how to handle them. Today, opposition, which ought to be the only element to put the  Governor on his toes, is nowhere to be found. Though the Governor may relish that situation, but he would have done better if he has a strong opposition which would have spurred him on to do more.

Take or leave it, Okorocha knows the game. He has become the only Governor Imo state produced that seems to have defied every imaginable political theory. He has done what other Governors did and were lampooned but when Okorocha does it, everybody will be murmuring in silence in his or her bedroom. Because Okorocha went to "Imo School of Studies" therefore the politician in him knows what Imo people want at any given time and he unleashes them. With his regime remaining only about two years, the Imo electorate are now singing a pathetic and different songs; let him finish and go. With this defeatist cry, the Governor has won the battle!.

Those who are bragging they will deal with Okorocha in 2019 by making sure that they stop whoever he will project as his successor;  will still be confused when the time comes, only to console themselves that  Okorocha "played them". Is politics not a game?

But pundits predict that Okorocha will still foist a successor in 2019 because of his understanding of the mental working mechanism of average Imo electorate.

Although some of the magic wands are working already. But what remains to be seen is if Okorocha's style of playing to the  imagination of  imolites will be fashionable in the coming years, as it is said that Imo people have also studied Okorocha's style and decoded it and waiting for the appropriate time in 2019 to also dribble him.

But whether Okorocha have been able to hold Imo people spell bound with his own political theory and practical system of administration is not in doubt.
What should be contested is if the magic wand will be replicated again or would the "Game Master" adopt or manufacture more methods from  his political laboratory that will dazzle the Imo masses?  But as to whether Okorocha has plenty tricks in his bags, there are many in it. And soon Imo people will see!.

To Be Continued.

Excerpts from Okorocha unleashes the Magic Wand, Last Line by Henry Ekpe published in Trumpeta newspaper  Vol.6 No 48, December 9th, 2016 and reproduced by IfeanyiCy's Blog

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