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A former Governor of Imo state, Ikedi Ohakim, has said that the current economic crisis facing Nigeria will latter on become a bless to the country.

Ohakim, stated that the country's recession was a wake up call to everybody because Nigeria was entering a period of social and intellectual conditions that would only distinguish those who are hardworking and are credible.

The ex Governor who stated this in his keynote address at the 2016 Diocesan Synod of the church of Nigeria (Anglican communion) of Ikeduru in the state on Saturday, said "we are entering a social and intellectual condition that will make only those with credibility, those who are hard working and those are innovators, not imitators, to shine".

Ohakim who spoke on the topic, leadership in times of adversity  said "even epidemic is a business opportunity. When Ebola erupted in 2014, the share of pharmaceutical companies that were busy developing anti - Ebola drugs and vaccines, skyrocketed. Tekmira shares, for example, rose by 50 percent and Biocryst shares by 90 percent. I foresee industries that will be created by our circumstances. There will be breakthroughs in local food and beverage industries, fashion, music and in other areas ".

Ohakim who was Governor between 2007 and 2011 averred that the economic woes would give rise to industrial revolution that would not only turnaround the economy of the nation for the better, but will hugely advance the economy of the country.

He said that the the current political structure of the country was posing grave danger for the economic property and uplifting of the country, adding that it fans the embers of disunity rather unity.

"one major problem Nigeria has is our political structure. I am of the strong view that we must reexamine now the political structure which concentrates power and responsibilities at the center. Unitary Government as being practiced today in Nigeria no longer works for anybody. The evidence is that virtually everything federal government has failed or collapsed ".

Ohakim, said that the concentration of power at the center was generating crisis among the ethnic nationalities, which was not only crippling the progress of the country, but was breeding suspicion and distrust among the people.

"whether we like it or not, our present political structure is not working. It is not going to deliver the much needed change. The urgency of our situation demands a new normal, a clear and different structure through which our people will be organized to face the changing world. The earlier we stop ducking and diving with political structure that has failed us for 56 years, the better ".

He told president Muhammadu Buhari to consider scrapping a chunk of his cabinet members because some of them were too weak to fight and some too slow to run away, adding that as things are, the president needs aides who are innovative thinkers, not intervention thinkers.

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