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The Board of Trustees of IGWEBUIKE NDI-IMO NETWORK GROUP (ING), the Exco and entire Members of ING, wish to inform the good people of Imo State of our forthcoming December 30th 2016 Summit, which is holding at Dreamland Hotel, World Bank Road, Owerri, Imo State.
The Summit focuses on credible and quality leadership as a vehicle to driving good democratic governance and the theme of Summit is "Igwebuike Ndi-Imo Network Group for Democratic Good Governance, Quality and Credible Leadership Summit". We have assembled seasoned men and women from Imo State and beyond as speakers and discussants, on various subjects bordering on Good Democratic Governance, so that the issues raised would be well digested for the greater benefit of Imo people. We received the privilege of having a prominent Imo Son, and Former Minister for Information, Dr. Walter Ofonagoro, as the Chairman of the summit. The speakers include:

1. Professor Theophilus Uzodimma Nwala – Keynote Speaker. 2. Mr. Samuel Ajayi (Contributing Editor, ThisDay Weekend Newspapers), Guest Speaker.
3. Jimanze Ego-Alowes of Sun newspapers, Guest Speaker. 4. Professor CC Ikeji of University of Calabar, Guest Speaker.
We have also got seasoned men and women discussants to dissect the issues that may be raised by the Speakers. They include:
1. Chief Speedwell Ngoka, a Seasoned Banker, Harvard trained Entrepreneur and Business Mogul
2. Barr Ike C. Ibe, an international Lawyer of repute, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur and Former Governorship Aspirant in the State
3. Chief Okey Ezeh, An Intellectual, Entrepreneurial Consultant and Former Governorship Aspirant in Imo State
4. Chief Emmanuel Osuchukwu, A World Renowned, Author, Publisher and Consultant
5. Dr. Celine Anosike, A seasoned Educationist, a Consultant and Entrepreneur  
It is important to point out that Imo Network Group (ING), is neither an opposition group nor a political party, and do not have any emotional allegiance to or bias against any Political Party, individuals or groups. It is a pro-democracy group set up to support and deepen the practice of democracy in our dear state, Imo. By extension, Imo Network Group (ING) is a Socio-Political organization formed by and for good spirited individuals of Imo origin (Traditional rulers, Clerics, Politicians, Business men and Women, Professionals, Retired and Serving Civil Servants and students). ING membership spreads across political, religious, economic and social stratifications in the society.  
It's our belief that the best method any government could make any meaningful impact in the lives of the people of the state is by imbibing and deepening the culture and principles of Good Democratic Governance. No government does anything meaningful in an environment where good democratic governance is sacrificed on the whimsical caprice of bad politics.  

ING is in support of good democratic governance at all times and has set out to galvanize and energise Imo people towards embracing it, bearing in mind that good governance comes on a tripod of Transparency, Accountability and Inclusiveness (TAI).

You may find that many people think that when a government builds some physical structures, such government is imbibing good governance. Good governance is usually intangible and permeates into the tissues and fabrics of the governed, and may not necessarily be measured by the number or strength of physical structures. This is because one may have physical structures that drain the purse of the state and end up unoccupied and of no effect.  

To this effect, we posit that Good Democratic Governance is more of a vehicle to addressing the needs of the state to put it on long path of socio-economic, and infrastructural growth and prosperity. This means that whatever the government does must not be to pamper the egos of the people in government through immediate glory and applause, but to actually address the needs of the people.  

In the corridors of power and governance, any government that does not recognize "Transparency" is lacking in good governance, no matter the level of physical structures in place. This leg of the tripod posits that the people of the state should know much about the running of the government. They should know how much the government earns and spends; the cost of government contracts and the process of contract award, execution and payment. This absolves the government of the impression and allegations of running a government shrouded in secrecy. If a government runs its affairs in top secrecy, it will not only give room for unwanted speculations, the government also runs the risk of being branded a cult-like government. This will in turn deprive the government of the support base it would have gotten from the people. If the support base is lacking, then the government cannot mobilize the people to do anything or achieve anything. The resultant or ripple effect is that the government is alienated from the people who created it in the first instance, and on whose behalf it exists and holds power.  

"Transparency" would also mean that the government obeys the rules and laws governing the land in all of its activities. No matter the good intensions of any leader, good governance forbids him to be a law unto himself in order to achieve his “glorious” objectives. This is because democracy cannot survive in an environment where the leader creates the law himself or becomes the law or chooses to obey the laws he or she likes or in favor of. This principle maintains and reinforces the hallowed values of rule of law, separation of powers, checks and balances and equality of all before the law.  

Once a leader realizes that the same sets of rules govern him and his subjects and he abides by them, he has created a pathway towards good democratic governance. This holds water because the incumbent would practically deploy and utilise the instrumentality of the law and his good offices for the good of the people, and by so doing, the state would be put on the path of recovery and growth. This is what Imo Network Group stands for, and will support and pursue at all times.  

The principle of good governance comes with "Inclusiveness". Inclusive government is the most essence of democracy because as we all know, democracy is the government of the people. The leader is merely a representative, holding power in thrust for the people on whose behalf he holds power. Realistically, if inclusive government is instituted in Imo State today, some of the energies we see as wastages should have been rechannelled for the good of the people. Some of the money spent on certain projects that add no value whatsoever to the life of the people would have been used otherwise.  

We are worried about the "World Bank Doing Business Report" index which asserts that it is very difficult to do business in Imo State. We are concerned that energies are not focused on things that could create opportunities for economic recovery and infrastructural growth of the state that would encourage our people to bring home the right investments.  

"Accountability", as espoused by good democratic governance is the hallmark of service, because the leader realizes that s/he is serving and should render accounts of his or her stewardship to the people. By so doing the leader practicalizes the concept that power belongs to the people. Any government on the radar map of good democratic governance should be able to publish periodically the audited accounts of the state for the people to be in the know of the running of the government.  

It is our considered observation that the time tested democratic norm of good governance has been observed more in the breach side in Imo State since after the leadership of Dee Sam Mbakwe of blessed memory. This is why we seriously consider that the best way to begin is to ensure that the people are allowed to choose their leaders themselves without coercion or impositions. We believe that the leader would always be accountable to the people when he knows he did not buy the votes or buy the political investors and jobbers that grow by the day and attempt to corrupt and fill the political space. To achieve this, ING is providing the platform for all Imo sons and daughters to come together and take charge of their collective political, social and economic destinies, by choosing their leaders from 2019 and beyond. The ING December summit and other events lined up in the years ahead are all geared towards galvanizing the people and waking up those still asleep, believing in the Igbo principle of Igwebuike. Thank you.

Poly. Chinenye Ezumoha (Samez)
Founder/Chairman, Board of Trustees
Imo Network Group - ING

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