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Imo State, South Eastern Nigeria is blessed with the Nkwerre born, business mogul, a progressive and successful entrepreneur in the person of Evangelist Myke Ikoku.
Born in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, the old eastern region, He attended primary education spread across six south eastern schools. As a son of the headmaster in St. Paul’s Primary School Owerri. He moved to Township School Owerri, and then to Ihite Ogada Primary School, Logara Mbaise Primary School and Amakohia Ubi Primary School. He continued to secondary education at Holy Ghost College Owerri and later Boys High School Nkwerre.
The young Ikoku, who is today, the beckon of Hope to many indigent children and women, graduated successfully with a B.Sc in Sociology from the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and studied public administration at the chartered institute of local government and public administration.

Popularly known as Evangelist Myke Ikoku, He started a fulfilled business carrier in 1992, spanning across electrical and electronics distribution and manufacturing with the brand name OBIRON. In 1993, he ventured into food processing and built a confectionery factory at Orji, in Owerri North LGA of Imo State with the brand called Obinaocha bread, which was very popular in the southeast region and managed by his brother.

Myke is currently a doyen in hospitality and entertainment industry, on February 13th 2003, he opened the Famous All Seasons Hotel situated along All Seasons boulevard, by Concorde Road junction, Owerri. Not done, He established a record label named Mykes Record, to harness youthful talents, skilled energy in Music and arts and immediately signed and promoted Kelly handsome, Freewindz, Bomboclack, Mamussy among others, who today reached to the peak of their music carrier.

In 2003 again, Ikokwu built, opened and operated the first underground Club East of the Niger, called NV Club beside All season Hotel, and in 2014, he added a magnificent recreation area for fun seekers named MiMi Palace which today was an atmosphere of pleasure and bliss.
One will ask, who is really this Myke, don't worry, you are yet to behold this father and loving husband, just last weekend, a new baby was introduced to his business conglomerate, this time around, he built and unveiled NV POOL GARDEN, OH!, if you have not been there, please a trial will convince you, it's just a wonder to adore.
In my encounter with few of more than 150 Imo Youths working in many of Ikoku's establishment, out of excitement for the massive job creation and youth empowerment he gives, i asked, how are these guys faring with the Job, "Mr Jude Ibezim and Miss Glory Anyanwu, told me, bro, we thank God for this man ooo!, if not for him, what will most of us will be doing, where government has failed to create job opportunities. He is our messiah because he puts food in our table, if not, many of us here and some other working in his other businesses could have turn to crime and criminalities. So we are proud of him, he employed us and trained us in the Job, most people working in other establishment also get their training in his company". Miss Glory added, if all these big men and politicians will invest their money in Imo, there will be Job for everyone and Imo will be great for it." I can't agree less with her while saying, truly, Michael Obinna Ikemsinachi Chieze ikoku is a Don of entertainment, Youth empowerment through Job creation.


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